How Low Interest Credit Cards Work

Low Interest credit cards are exactly what their name suggests. They charge low rates of interest (APR). The APR is calculated in the same way as with other credit cards; this facilitates an easy comparison for an individual who is planning to switch over to these cards. Low interest credit cards are favored by individuals who habitually carry their monthly credit card balance forward. Low interest rates can lead to significant savings on financial charges.

For the introductory period, most low interest credit cards offer 0% APR; however, most credit cards offer 0% APR only for select situations such as balance transfers and major purchases. The introductory period offer can be used for consolidating multiple credit cards that charge high rates into a single low APR credit card. This helps people to reduce the financial charges associated with credit card debts and pay off the existing balances quickly. Often, low interest rate credit card companies will waive the balance transfer fee upon a client’s request. Thus, low interest rate cards with rates that can be up to 9 percentage points lower than those of other cards are a great way of saving for those inveterate shoppers who invariably end up with a monthly balance on their credit cards. It is also less taxing to take a cash advance with low interest credit cards. Individuals with poor credit scores may find themselves ineligible for low interest credit cards.

Low interest credit cards may or may not offer other advantages like cash back and travel insurance and should therefore be used with another card that does. This helps a card user to earn benefits from the other card which he may use when he does not intend to keep a balance; for other purchases, the low interest credit card can be used. It is advisable that the oldest extant credit card account that an individual has should not be closed for acquiring a low rate credit card; this is because maintaining credit accounts for long periods reflects well on the credit ratings.

There are several low interest credit cards available in the market. Individuals should do a thorough research to find a card that offers a perfect fit for their needs.

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