How To Get Free Items At The Grocery Store Using Giant Coupons

Have you ever tried to experiment how much Giant grocery coupons can move your total grocery tab? It is quite engaging to see articles and testimonies that say Giant grocery stores can slash up to 50% off your total tab at the grocery counter. This means that if your bill amounts to $100, you pay only $50 for a cart load full of groceries and you end up saving the other $50, all because of Giant grocery coupons.

Now imagine the possibilities of a $50 savings for each and every time you will visit the grocery store with Giant grocery coupons. If you go for five times a month that is already $250 worth of savings that you can certainly use for other important bills around the household like payments for the water bill or add it to the rent.

This will sure ease your budget and help you a lot in breathing lighter. But is this kind of savings really possible just by using Giant grocery coupons? Or is this just a way to make you choose Giant’s over other grocery stores?

The honest answer is both. First, you can certainly earn tons of savings from using Giant grocery coupons and because of the wonderful sales, bargains, and deals that Giant’s cook up for you, naturally you will gravitate towards them. But the point is, Giant grocery coupons can and will lower your grocery tab if you use them each and every time you make a purchase.

But this is not all. Sure you can often earn $1 savings off items you buy using Giant grocery coupons but did you know there is an even better way of utilizing your Giant grocery coupons to truly maximize your hard earned money? If you have yet to uncover hidden techniques and advanced strategies of using Giant grocery coupons, today is your lucky day because here are smart tips and hints to really pile on the savings off your Giant grocery coupons!

1.Each time you will go to the grocery store, make sure you have not just one type of Giant grocery coupons but two. The first are the Giant grocery coupons themselves and the other is Giant grocery coupons from manufacturers. This way, you earn bigger savings and higher rewards. How does it work? For example, you are looking at an item for $2 and you have a Giant grocery coupon for $1 and another manufacturer’s coupon for $1. It is very obvious right? If you use both your Giant grocery coupons plus the manufacturer’s coupons, you get your item for free. The more Giant grocery coupons you stack, the more money you save and the more items you get for free!

2.There is also a proper way of shopping and using Giant grocery coupons. Some people think it is just about matching lists with coupons but there is actually an even better way of utilizing Giant grocery coupons. To double the savings, make sure you buy the smallest size of a product when using your Giant grocery coupons. Grab the trial size and travel size and it is like getting the items for free. If the smallest bag of potatoes is $.99 and there is another one at $2.50, use your Giant grocery coupons for $1 to get the $.99. Obviously, you get the item for free but if you bought the one for $2.50, you will pay for $1.50. Which is better, getting a $1 discount or going home with an item for free? Giant grocery coupons are genius.

3.Lastly, remember to shop at the clearance racks and purchase those items that are already on sale. Not only are they lower in value, but if you use your Giant grocery coupons, again, what you purchase will come out as free. Generic items are also great ways to use your Giant grocery coupons. Remember, flexibility can take you a long way and if you combine that with excellent use of Giant grocery coupons, your savings will pile up right before your eyes!


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