Safety Management Model Of The Enterprise

Safety management is a very important part of modern enterprise management, which is link and guarantee to realize sustainable development. With the development of social economy and increasingly popular of corporate social responsibility, enterprise safety management is facing reform and readjustment. The safety management theory is developing, and modern safety science believes that enterprise safety management is a system engineering. So the complexity and multidimension of enterprise safety production and management make us have to system thinking about this problem and to solving it effectively. The modern safety management reflects the thinking of people-centered. Its core ideology, which puts the focus on giving play to people’s initiative and creativity, embodies the basic idea of system security and promotes thoughts of thinking about the safety problems and safety management methods, means and systems from the system.

Meanwhile, it advocates controlling security incidents from the source, and achieving the refinement of enterprise security management, standardization and regularization etc. from the construction of the scientific enterprise security metrics system.In the study of enterprise safety management theory, the most important content is organizational learning in the safety management application, It provides a new management thought. Safety scientific research focuses on requiring experiences from the accident analysis, therefore transforming the unsafe behavior.

The similarity exists between the concept and process of learning and correcting errors ceaselessly. Applying the learning theory to the enterprise safety management in the field of safety scientific research has been concerned in the early years. Improvement of individual safety consciousness or safety skill based on elevation of the entirety scure environment of enterprise organization, which can get the most out of the organization and promote safety management performance. In addition, as a important connotation of learning Organization, system thinking provides convincingly theory and method for depicting dynamic complexity of system, which is basic principle of methodology and systematic view of system dynamics. By using system thinking, we can make a correct appraisal of the structure behind the complex situation of safety accident, detect the key problems of accident and proves the lever point of problem solving.The object of analysis and research of this study is the general enterprise safety management.

Through the analysis of the safety management status and problems, the study will combine the safety management theory and learning organization theory and explore the learning organization of enterprise safety management. Meanwhile, basing the thinking of the The Fifth Discipline learning systems, this study will build a learning organization model of enterprise safety management-oriented and integrate Human safety concept, the safety management and organizational learning band together to explore and innovative enterprise safety management theory, then apply to specific enterprise safety management. The main research of this study is as followings:This thesis analyzes the development and research status of safety management theory and its system, basic concept and connotation of learning organization and defines research object and applied concept. Illustrate the learning organization application status in safety management and analyzes the basic characteristics of learning organization safety management model.

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